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7.5 cu.ft Gas Front-Load Dryer

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7.5 cu.ft Gas Front-Load Dryer

Model: DV42H5200GP/A3


$1,399.99 *MSRP

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The DV5200 gas dryer, at a large capacity of 7.5 cu. ft. has a plethora of features all designed to benefit you the user, steam technology for refreshed, wrinkle-free drying result, Anti Static that shoots mist steam towards the end of the cycle to loosen the electro static clothing for smoother drying finish, Smart Care that detects and diagnoses errors at an early stage and sends easy troubleshooting solutions to your smart phone, sensor dry for optimum energy efficiency of clothe drying and filter check indicator to alert you on cleaning the lint off your filter.

Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone
Smart Care detects and diagnoses errors at an early stage and sends easy troubleshooting solutions to your smart phone

Less odors, less wrinkles
Steam dry gets rid of odour and releases wrinkle-free clothing, keeping your fabric as refreshed as possible

Better drying of smaller loads
Small Load Care that delivers best drying performance up to 2 lbs of load, thanks to a unique drum rotation mechanism where the drum repeats a 5-minute exercise of stop-and-go (when it stops , the load on top drops to the bottom to break loose the load)

Ideal Drying Time for Your Clothes, Plus Extra Energy Savings with Sensor Dry
Sensor Dry automatically adjusts drying time by sensing moisture so your clothes don’t over or under dry.

*While Tasco Appliances is committed to accurate pricing, Tasco reserves the right to correct any errors that may occur. Please contact Tasco Appliances for details.

Key Features

    Capacity: 7.5 cu.ft
    Power Resource: Gas
    Vent Sensor: No
    Smart Care: Yes
    Steam Dry: Yes
    Drum Material: Powder Coat
    Internal Drum light: Yes
    Reversible Door: Yes
    Drying Rack: No
    Door Safety: Yes
    Filter Check Indicator: Yes
    Vent Exhaust: 3 ways
    Heater Element: 22000 BTU
    Motor Spec: 1/3 HP
    Cycle Time (AHAM 8lbs): 42 min
    Body Color: Stainless Platinum
    Display Type: LED
    LED color: Ice Blue
    Panel deco: No
    DOE Energy Factor: 2.67
    Voltage / Fequency: 120 V / 60 Hz
    Energy Guide: 270 liter ?
    Number of Cycles:  
    Refresh: Yes
    Steam Sanitize: No
    Wrinkle Away: Yes
    Eco Normal: No
    Normal: Yes
    Heavy Duty: Yes
    Towels: No
    Perm Press: Yes
    Active Wear: No
    Bedding: Yes
    Delicates: Yes
    Jeans: No
    Wool: No
    Sanitize: Yes
    Time Dry: Yes
    Air Fluff: Yes
    Quick Dry: Yes
    Rack Dry: No
    Wrinkle Release: No
    Number of Options: 10
    Mixed Load Bell: Yes
    Wrinkle Prevent: Yes
    Anti Static: Yes
    Small Load Care: Yes
    My Cycle: Yes
    Rack Dry: No
    Adjust Time (Up/Down): Yes
    Eco Dry: No
    Smart Care: Yes
    Sound on / off: Yes
    Child Lock: Yes
    Drum Light: Yes
    Number of Settings: 4
    Very Dry: Yes
    More Dry: Yes
    Normal Dry: Yes
    Less Dry: No
    Damp Dry: Yes
    Number of Settings: 4
    High: Yes
    Medium: Yes
    Medium Low: No
    Low: Yes
    Extra Low: Yes
    Number of Settings: Yes
    60 min: Yes
    50 min: No
    40 min: Yes
    30 min: No
    20 min: Yes
    10 min: No
    Product (WxHxD): 27 x 38.7 x 32.4 cm"
    Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD): 29.3 x 42.3 x 33.5 cm"
    Delth of Stacked: 38.2 cm"
    Product Weight: 57 kg
    Shipping Weight: 61 kg
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