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Selling an appliance is only where our job begins; we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a complete, start to finish service. Because we know the performance of your new appliance is imperative to your satisfaction, we are proud to offer our installation services to all of our customers, giving them a truly worry free appliance shopping experience

Don’t just trust anyone to install your appliances, get them installed by a Tasco professional.

We know what we are doing; after all, we are the pros. Our professionally trained and certified technicians are qualified to install everything we sell, ensuring everything is installed correctly the first time.

We install to meet the highest standards.

Our knowledgeable technicians are up to date on all local codes, so rest easy knowing that anything we install will meet all requirements. Furthermore, we install according to the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring your appliance will perform as the manufacturer intended it to.

We also make sure everything is in working order before we leave.

As an extra precaution, our technicians will test all appliances to make sure they are functioning properly, giving you peace of mind.

Installation need-to-knows:

  • Installations are usually scheduled one day after delivery.
  • Our installers are not equipped or trained to move appliances. Please ensure that the product to be installed is uncrated and positioned in front of its intended location.
  • Our technicians also conduct site inspections prior to installing appliances. This helps us to avoid unforeseen circumstances which can result in delays and setbacks associated with the site not being ready for installation.



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