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What started out in a small corner of Richardson’s Furniture Store back in 1954, soon became the foundation for the Tasco Appliances you know today. By the 1960s, our founders of Tasco purchased the furniture store, located at 3041 Dufferin Street in Toronto, (we still have a showroom there) and ten years later, our team decided that appliances was our biggest opportunity.

Tasco Appliances quickly became Toronto’s appliance retailer of choice, specializing in high-quality, well-made appliances. Tasco was able to expand their largely builder-based clientele and evolve into a retail outlet for Toronto’s discerning homeowners.

We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers

With a main focus on appliances, Tasco Appliances quickly became Ontario’s appliance retailer of choice, specializing in high-end appliances. We were able to expand upon our largely builder-based clientele evolving into a retail outlet for Toronto’s discerning homeowners.

By the 1980s and 1990s, Tasco had become the destination shop for high-end, luxury appliances. Retail sales continued to grow, and so did our influence within the condominium and home renovation markets. A passion for design, and a significant amount of growth led Tasco to establish the Kitchen Design Division – a place where Toronto’s best designers, and their clients, could go to get real advice and the tools necessary to design their dream kitchen. This newfound partnership with top designers inspired further growth and opportunities for Tasco to make a lasting impact on the housing industry – and we did just that!

You can always find the latest high-quality, innovative appliances in a Tasco showroom first.

At Tasco, we understand that appliances are an essential part of your life, and that’s why we are committed to understanding the needs of our customers. Back then, and still today, Tasco recognizes that its growth and success rests squarely on our ability to take knowledge, and transform it into useful advice for our partners and clients. Tasco employees are serious appliance professionals; born from rigorous training. We create appliance experts.

Today, Tasco is at the forefront of appliance innovation. Trust that when you walk in the door of our showrooms, you’ll find the latest in high-quality, innovative appliances. We love a better-informed, more satisfied customer - because your passion becomes our passion and we know how to deliver again and again.