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Service Protection Plan Plus

Your dream should always work the way you want it to.

Now that your vision is in place, make sure every appliance has the care and coverage of the best protection, period! With your Tasco Appliance purchase, you’ve acquired the best Protection Plan available on the Canadian market.


Exclusive privileges of the plan:

  • 100% in-store credit within 4 months of expiry if the plan is unused
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspection
  • Food Spoilage Protection
  • No Hidden Costs of Deductibles
  • No Lemon Policy - If your product requires the same part be repaired four times, it will be replaced.
  • Underwritten by an Insurance Company
  • Product Failure due to Rust
  • Protection against Power Surges
  • Parts and Labour Coverage
  • Repairs to Manufacturer’s Specification
  • Transferable from Owner to Owner
  • Renewable Service Plan


There’s more to this program than just coverage, too. 

At the expiration point of the coverage, we’ve built into the plan an opportunity for you to qualify for a credit towards future appliances from Tasco Appliances. If there are no claims against your TSPP Plus warranty plan within the term, you are entitled to receive an equal credit of the warranty plan value towards the purchase of any new major appliance on a one-for-one basis within four months from the date of expiry. One-for-one means if you purchased an extended warranty on 3 products, you must the use the credit against 3 new products to receive the full value. Otherwise, the credit will be pro-rated to the number of new products you are purchasing. The credit can be applied up to a maximum 25% of the product's regular sale price. You can leverage the plan if no claims have ever been made because we value our relationship with you. Ask a Tasco Professional for more details.

*See Terms and Conditions for details.

**Exclusive responsibility of Tasco Appliances.

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