Since its beginnings in1934, Fisher & Paykel has grown into a global, design-led company operating in more than 50 countries. Designed and engineered in New Zealand, the company’s heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity. Fisher & Paykel strives to consistently challenge conventional appliance design, while delivering products tailored to human needs. Legacy is about looking into the future, and ensuring that what is developed today is aligned with the fundamental principles of sustainable design.


Fisher & Paykel cooking products cater to different patterns of use - whether it’s mid-week convenience or weekend gourmet, heat and eat or a family feast. Choose a cooking product that complements your individual sense of style, enhances your kitchen design and is beautiful to use.


Create a refrigeration combination in your home that exudes luxury and gives complete precision and control over the way you store food. From fresh ingredients to fine wines, the best refrigeration provides the perfect climate to keep food fresher, longer.

Continuous innovation is part of the Fisher & Paykel design philosophy.

DishDrawer™ Dishwashers

Fisher & Paykel dishwashers are a showcase of insight-led design. Exceptionally quiet, remarkably efficient and configurable to complement your appliances or blend seamlessly into the kitchen cabinetry, they are the perfect complement to a social kitchen.


Fisher & Paykel laundry products incorporate more than 80 years of expertise to remove the guesswork out of garment care. Customized to a wide range of fabric types, they intuitively sense the parameters of your load to deliver the performance and care your garments deserve.