Inspired by a desire to find real solutions to problems that had existed for years in the way kitchens worked (or didn’t work), The Galley was invented by an award-winning kitchen designer whose vision was to create a better way to work within the kitchen. 



The Galley continues to establish a tradition of manufacturing high quality products for kitchens of today. From our carefully engineered dual tier Galley Workstations to our best in class Galley Taps, to each of our cleverly designed accessories, The Galley is the leader in the production of quality kitchen workstations and faucets. The Galley line is comprised of more than 50 different products, including sink basins, faucets, cutting boards, bowls, colanders, drain racks, specialty serving boards, and other unique accessories. These products make up over 700 Workstation options to choose from for the kitchen. All Galley Workstations are developed, designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured at the main production site and headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and exported worldwide. All Galley Taps were designed in the USA, engineered in Switzerland and are manufactured in northern Italy. The Galley Dresser was designed and is produced in Chicago, Illinois. 


Stylish design, handcrafted workmanship, unsurpassed functionality, and built to last a lifetime – this is The Galley.



With our commitment to quality, innovation, smart design, and unprecedented functionality, it is our belief that The Galley Workstation, The Galley Tap, and The Galley Dresser should be considered by all who desire to have an active kitchen that is stylish, functional and fun.



The Galley