“Best appliance in our house! This will save us countless hours, headaches and money! No more 30-pack plastic water bottles. No more boiling water for oatmeal and now we get sparkling water with a quick tap. This will make any kitchen an elegant kitchen!”



Founded in Australia in 1947, Zip Water has a rich history of innovation. After decades of advancing and perfecting our drinking water systems globally, we’re thrilled to finally bring the HydroTap system to North America!


MicroPurity™ filtration
Built-in 0.2 micron filter certified to NSF standards provides pure-tasting, filtered water for you and your family

PowerPulse technology
Our innovative Zip PowerPulse technology maintains stored boiling water to within 1-2° of your set temperature, meaning no energy or time is wasted waiting for water to boil.

Unique safety features
Our HydroTap systems are designed to deliver boiling water smoothly to minimize splashing. Additionally, our taps include a safety lock that must be activated before dispensing boiling water

Air-cooled system
Our unique air-cooled refrigeration system is 100% water efficient.

An advanced auto-diagnostics system continuously monitors your HydroTap’s performance.

Smart customization
Our newly optimized menu in the G5 HydroTap command center allows you to select energy modes and usage settings for easier customization.


Fashioned for form and function
From pure-tasting, filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling water to unfiltered hot & cold water, the HydroTap by Zip Water dispenses water the way you want it. Combining eye-catching tap design with cutting-edge, under-counter technology, this revolutionary drinking water system isn’t just an appliance. It’s the new standard in hydration for today’s trend-defining homes.