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5.8 cu. ft. 30" Gas Chef Collection Pro Range with Dual Convection

5.8 cu. ft. 30" Gas Chef Collection Pro Range with Dual Convection

Samsung Chef Collection NX58M9960PM/AA

Introducing the Samsung Chef Collection.
Samsung Chef Collection's premium line of home appliances is an elegantly thoughtful combination of cutting-edge technology and truly useful, chef-influenced features that are coupled with a sleek, seamless design for ultimate flexibility that caters to how people cook and live today. Samsung's Chef Collection understands that everyone is a "chef" in their own kitchen - regardless of what they do or how they do it. Chef Collection Gas Pro Range with a 22K BTU Dual Power Burner is designed for how you live and cook, with two independent heating burners offering intense heat and precise control to quickly boil water or slowly melt chocolate without scorching with a low simmer.

Modern Design
The New Chef Design will seamlessly harmonize with your kitchen furniture and appliances. The handle's new design has a sleek, modern polygon shape that blends effortlessly with the door for an elegant and stylish finish.

Powerful Heat & Precise Simmering
Cook dishes quickly and evenly using the powerful heat and precise control of the 22K BTU Dual Brass Burner. It can rapidly go to a high heat for searing meat, like a steak, and boiling water in a flash. Or you can turn it right down to a gentle simmer-ideal for melting chocolate or boiling milk.

Large Capacity
Create more variety and larger dishes with a huge 5.8 cu. ft. capacity oven.

Faster and More Thorough Cooking
Save time and cook food more evenly with a Dual Convection system, which is great for baking and broiling. Two heated fans distribute heat all around the oven and keep the temperature constant everywhere. Dishes are cooked quickly and thoroughly and you can enjoy tastier meals every time.

Intuitive Burner Control
Distinctive blue LED lights illuminate when the cooktop is in use.

Bluetooth Connected
Bluetooth connectivity automatically starts the hood* when the range turns on.

Monitor from a distance
Wi-Fi connectivity maximizes safety and offers peace of mind by letting you remotely monitor the oven at any time using a smartphone App.*

Custom Wok Grate
Easily accommodate a round bottom wok on the custom wok grate. Its circular design fits snugly around the burner so that heat is quickly and evenly distributed and you can enjoy delicious stir fried food. The custom wok grate is included with purchase.

Closes gently and quietly
Features a unique door hinge that slows the oven door's speed for a safe and gentle close.

Strong support
Features a unique ball bearing design that allows the rack to glide in and out with ease.